Goings on at DHS

Well, it seems that something is going to be happening at DHS. Somewhat precipitously the Backlot Tour closed. Earlier this week, permits were filed for construction in Soundstage 1 http://www.wdwmagic.com/attractions/disneys-hollywood-studios/news/25sep2014-permits-filed-for-work-in-soundstage-1-at-disney’s-hollywood-studios.htm and a number of Disney exec - including John Lassiter - were seen in the area yesterday http://www.wdwmagic.com/attractions/disneys-hollywood-studios/news/25sep2014-photos---walt-disney-imagineers-and-disney-executives-at-disney’s-hollywood-studios.htm The “pundits” over on WDWMagic seem to believe that this is an indicator of a new Pixar attraction of some sort (although no one can agree on what that might be). If you want to browse the rather lengthy discussion, here’s a link to their forum http://forums.wdwmagic.com/threads/dhs-soundstage-1-renovation.890693/ I know it will probably be years before we actually SEE anything in the park, but I’m :cautiously optomistic" that DHS will get some of the love it needs. If only EP would…


Thanks for sharing, @bswan!

Hear they will add a track to Toy (rumor)

Adding a track to TSMM is a long-standing rumor, but when you read through all of the discussions, it would be logistically almost impossible short of building a whole separate “second attraction”. People also believe that because John Lassiter was actually on site, this is more likely to be something “new” vice a clone of something already there. Something to do with Monsters Inc seems to be the most “popular” idea in the rumor mill, as well as a Toy Story Playland in part of the backlot area. Some are conjecturing a retheming of the HISTK playground into a Bugs Land and maybe adding a couple of the Bugsland kiddie rides from DCA. There’s hope for a clone of the Ratatouille ride, but there’s apparently some sort of 5 year exclusivity clause in the DLP contract. Lots of exciting things to comtemplate - hopefully Disney doesn’t let us down…


So interesting! I hope they really put some serious thought, planning and money into whatever they do.

Check out Episode 65 of the Unoficial Guide’s Disney Dish w Jim Hill.

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Oh! That episode just downloaded on my podcast player!

I have read that the reason TSMM is so crowded is because there are too few attractions for younger children at HS. I think they would be better off adding new fun attractions for the entire family. I would love to see a Ratatouille or Monster’s Inc attraction. Adding kiddie rides from DCA sounds smart as well. That would have to take some pressure off of TSMM


Never thought of that and might explain why Toy at DCA isn’t nearly as bad: more kiddie rides at DCA