Going to WDW tomorrow!

I am sitting here just waiting to check in to my flight for our sort-of last minute WDW trip! I “only” had 41 days to plan this entire trip and I am so excited. We are taking my 3 year old back as kind of a “baby moon” to celebrate our second son arriving in August! We just went in Sept 2017 but I don’t have any desire to take an infant so we won’t be returning until at least 2020.
I’m fully packed and ready to go! I just need to clean out the car for the trip to the airport.
My husband has not started packing, but that’s not my problem at this time!
Just wanted to come on here and share my excitement!


Have a wonderful time. We have 50 days to our arrival.

Have a fantastic time!!!

Where are you staying? Any special plans this trip?

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Nothing super special other than just the fact that Disney is special in general - just letting the three year old kind of enjoy his last hurrah as an only child.
And ALL THE SNACKS for me!!! I’m 5.5 months pregnant so all the snacks!


Have a fabulous trip! Safe travels.

Yum! Enjoy! Make sure you take time to rest too :slight_smile: