Going to WDW in the next week or two? Fairy Godmailer needed!

I have one, but there’s another family going to be there the same time as me (they arrive 11/5), and they’re still without a Fairy Godmailer. Liner’s name is @c1nn4m0n

I would do it, but I don’t get there until 11/2, and so my card wouldn’t get there in time.

If you don’t know about Fairy Godmailers, then check them out in La Cava del Chat.

Did you post over on lines?

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She did, but no one had picked her up, and her post has been there for weeks.

Oh wait, do you mean the chat? No, I haven’t posted on chat. I don’t really use that.

Never heard of this, but that’s such a sweet idea. I could do it if you think the letter would get there in time. We arrive on October 28th in the morning, so I could have it out that afternoon/evening at the latest. Just let me know unless someone who’ll be there sooner steps in :slight_smile:

Contact @c1nn4m0n and she can give you the details. Do you know how to go to La Cava del Chat?

I just went there and saw the google doc. I’ll contact her thanks!


Ok posting on chat for you. I think more poeople see it there.

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