Going to festival of the arts

I just realized this will be happening while I’m in the world in Feb. my friend and I booked a Coral Reef dining package for the Broadway concert series. Not sure if we really need it. Any feedback or advice on the festival? I’ve been to food and wine and holiday festivals so excited to check this one out!

My DH and I got to go the first Festival af the Arts. It was a last minute trip and we had just been to Food and Wine. We enjoyed it just as much as F & W. My advice is to plan on taking a little more time at the food booths. There is more emphasis on the presentation of the food so you often get a mini show as they build your dish. I remember one where it was finished with the “chef” using tweezers to carefully place an edible flower on top.


Pictured are two of the desert offerings from the booths. I can’t bear to eat them.


Thanks for the feedback! Those cookies are definitely works of art!

I’ll be there when it starts in three weeks and I’m so excited! Thanks for the info!

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