Going to DL/DCA March 3rd-5th 2020

My BF and I will be going on our first Disney trip together. We’re definitely planning on focusing at least on day in Star Wars land, focus one day in each park. We’ll be eating at counter service and at least one sit down dining each day. I know dinner is 60 days advance and I heard the Cantina bar is 2 weeks in advance. With Rise of the Resistance ride opening I know it may be crazy. We plan tj be at the park before opening. Is there only one character breakfast and does it allow you to have early access to the park? I just need any advice because I want to make this trip perfect. We’ll be staying at a time share a couple of blocks away from property.

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Have a great time @lorimistress!! I was there with my family during that week last year. The park was busy. We took advantage of MaxPass. I highly recommend it for your three days. We never had any character breakfasts when we were there. Doing rope drop each day, and with Max Pass you should have no trouble doing most of what you want to do. RotR is going to be the only unknown.
I love Disneyland!! Enjoy!


Cantina reservations are now available 60 days in advance like all dining reservations. You can often make reservations at most restaurants up to the day of your trip though - not like WDW.

I second the suggestion to get MaxPass. In three days you should be able to experience all the rides and most of the popular shows. For RotR, if it’s anything like WDW, show up early in the morning and apply for a boarding group in the Disneyland app. In WDW they have used boarding groups as a sort of fastpass. The boarding group is called sequentially throughout the day. But they issue all boarding passes very quickly in the morning.

Good luck planning your trip and have a great time!