Going to both parks in one day by using two days off my tickets

I’m planning a last minute trip next week with my boys (4&6). Right now we plan to only go to the parks 3 days while we are there. My boys are HUGE Cars fans. Based on the crowds predicted it looks like our last day would be best for a full day at California Adventure but I’m not sure I can have them wait that long to go there. I was thinking instead of buy 3 day park hopper passes that I would buy 4 day passes (costs me less) then one of days at the park hit California Adventure in the morning for a bit then going to Disneyland using two days, then using my other two days for “full” days at the other parks. Can I do that? We don’t plan to park hop more than one day.

I don’t know about Disneyland but I know at Disney World they will not allow you to use two one day passes in one day, you have to have a Park Hopper. It’s truly one admission per calendar day.

Yeah, I don’t think that will work. You will need to buy a park hopper.

Too bad! Thanks

Agree, you will have to buy a park hopper if you want to do that. It really is worth it in California, sometimes we hop 5-6 times in one day.

At Disneyland, I really think the park hoppers are worth it. The parks are right next to each other and are fairly easy to go back and forth. We have done magic morning for an hour, then moved to the other park until lunch, take a short break, go to one park for dinner and back to another for the evening. That is our most extreme moving around. Usually we may do 2 in a day. Also with the Radiator Springs Racers, I would get fast passes to help with the lines.

If they are really big Cars fans, definitely get the park hoppers, do DCA early early to get as many FPs for RSR as you can: rope drop, run with them for a first-in ride, then run back to get FPs for later. Depending on how fast you are, you might be able to get another FP when the first set expires.

They are both at least 40" tall?

I would never buy Park Hoppers at WDW, because of the travel time between parks. At DLR, Park Hoppers make great sense. Getting from DL to DCA is like walking to a different part of MK at WDW. You can meander in and out of both parks throughout the day in Anaheim, in fact, it’s a lot of fun to change things up through the day!