Going nuts trying to choose park days

I have been trying to nail down which days I want to go to each park. So far, I have 4 different scenarios. Each one seems good until I think about it again. Is there any way to stop this madness? I have less than a month to get things lined up to make my ADRs so that they will line up correctly with the parks I want to tour.

“insert banging head on a wall here”

Does anyone else go round and round with choosing dates? Is this normal Disney stress? I can’t stay away from all things Disney. Even at work I’m checking and rechecking things off in my head.

Only 205 days of this madness to go. 205 excruciating days.

Get you ADRs and then chose your park based on that?

I’m the same, it can feel like never ending circles. This site has been great. Thought I was there but I posted my rough plan yesterday and everyone thinks it’s too ambitious, should have seen my earlier plans. Have you printed off the sheet that tracks your crowd level in all parks for the time of your stay? Some people like to follow a certain order, others base their whereabouts solely on crowd level. Have you worked out how many days you want to spend in each park and where you’ll be using your FP each day. Playing around on TP has helped because sometimes everything you want to do fits nicely where you wanted it to, and other times you realise that you’ll need more time or have to skip things you’d like to see. If you post your 4 different plans plus info like first trip? who are you travelling with? where are you staying and for how long? You can ask others to chime in with their thoughts. Advice I’ve been given is to do less, make sure your afternoon break if you’re having one is preferably 4 hrs long, don’t have more than 1 TS per day.

Only 4? I had 16. Seriously.

What I ended up doing was scoring each possible itinerary based on things like total CL, use of EMH, and general feasibility (for example, a plan that had an eEMH park on Tuesday and an mEMH park on Wednesday was viewed as less feasible). The itinerary with the best score won, but I also kept a couple of closely related itineraries in mind in case I needed to make some last-minute changes to adjust for something.

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First of all take a deep breath! It will be OK :slight_smile: There are many ways you can plan! For me and my family, since we stay onsite normally, I like to incorporate the MH into the days we are there :slight_smile: It will all depend on your family and how many days you are there :slight_smile: If you have problems, just bounce ideas off of others will always help :wink: