Going from reservation for 2 at BOG to 3 for dinner?

Well, yesterday was my ADR day and I got all 14 reservations that I wanted (almost). Yea! So I could only find a BOG reservation for dinner for 2 people so I went ahead and booked it for our family of three. I also booked a lunch at BOG the same day. So now what? I would prefer dinner so that we can do the character interaction. Should I just look for a reservation for 1 around the same time (will MDE even let me do that)? Or should I just hope reservation finder can get a reservation at my preferred date, time and number of people? Any help would be appreciated. Oh, it is for Feb. 4 (an estimated level 4 for MK).

I would keep stalking MDE for a party of three. I’m sure a reservation will turn up between now and then. Worse scenario, call the restaurant direct just before your trip if it doesn’t. Keep your current reservation, though. I made ADR’s at 180 out but last week decided to switch a breakfast from O’hana to 1900 PF. Couldn’t find a single reservation for the entire day for a party of two. I kept checking several times a day - every day. Finally, a few popped up yesterday at 46 days out. I reserved 9:25 but would like earlier if possible, so I’m still stalking …

I would look for a party of four. Also, set up the reservation finder for dinner, as hours are adjusted more dining reservations may open up.

Thanks! I will try opening up the time for all dinner.

Stalker…I just told my DH I am going to stalk MDE. I think he is considering intervention or possibly the police. What I do for WDW. :smiley:

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I’ve also been stalking and it actually hasn’t taken me too many days to get the ADR’s I’ve wanted. And just to be clear: When you select an ADR that conflicts with one you already have, it actually ASKS you if you would like to swap out! So no worries about losing an existing ADR in case the new one falls through.

But I can see that I didn’t address your particular question about simply adding a second single-person ADR. Not sure about that. Honestly, though, if you just keep checking, you should get what you want. And don’t simply depend on Reservation Finder; you should be checking as well if it’s really important. I’ve found that about 50% of the time I find an available ADR before I get notified by Reservation Finder.

Thank you. Nothing yet, but I’ll just keep checking.

Did you try changing your reservation in My Disney Experience rather than getting a new reservation. That sometimes works better and faster.