Going back!

Hi everyone! We’re going back! It will have been three years since, which is entirely too long and this time we’re four instead of three. We’re currently booked at WL and cannot fathom the thought of waiting 176 more days. I do have a question. We’re trying to save as much money as possible (isn’t everyone?). Through some research I found out that we can save a couple of hundred bucks in airfare by arriving the night before. We’re thinking of staying at a hotel by the airport then shuttling back to the airport the next morning to take the magical Express. Do you guys think that’s a good idea? Has anyone here done that? Thanks!

That’s a great idea and many have done it.

Inform Magical Express that you’ll be arriving the morning after and select any flight that arrives around the time you’ll want to catch a ride to WDW. You’ll need to bring your bags along, but you’ll get the ride over without issue :slight_smile:


As an alternative you could get a cheap room at Pop or one of the All Stars and take the DME there the night you arrive. Then you can move to your other hotel the next day.

The cheap room at pop is still around $200. What would be the best way to transfer to WL the following day?

You just call bell services first thing - about 3@ minutes before you want to leave is a good timeframe - and they will come retrieve your things. Let them know you’re transferring to WL and they will handle the rest!

Do keep a day at with you as it is sometimes several hours before you are able to call for your bags at WL.

When you get back to WL later on, call bell services to let them know you’ve arrived and they will bring your things to you!

Always appropriate, by the way, to tip both the person who takes your things away and who brings them back to you.

Here again if you wish to save big money on your Disney resort if you are staying on propriety, check out Magical Vacations Travel. It may fit your needs but all dates and time are not always available. Other Liners out here can vouch for them and explain farther as to what they are all about or you can just go to magicalvacationtravel.com and ask for a quote on the times and resort you are thinking of staying at. (Disney Resorts only). I have NO connection too MVT in any way other than using them in the past with great savings as far as room only is concerned. Hope this helps.

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