Going 1st Week in March

So I’m hoping to hear from those that went this past week the first week in March on all info concerning the crowds, wait times, etc.??? We are planning a trip the first week in March 2020 on the request my agent recommended several weeks ago- not a week later the crowd levels on here changed drastically and I’m looking now at this past week in the 7-9 range! Any info please!!! Thank you!! We have gone almost always the last week in May then the last 2 times we’ve went we’re the week after Thanksgiving and the 2nd week in December which basically made us never want to go back in May ever again due to the heat and crowds!!! Thank you!!

I was just there that week and I would go again. The only time the crowds really affected us was we were at Epcot on the first day of the Flower and Garden festival. We did not plan that and I didn’t realize that was the first day until it was too late. We used the grab additional FPP and modify method to help limit our wait times at MK. The weather was perfect. It was warm but not humid. It was rainy and cold one day but that didn’t really phase us. That was on our MK day and the rain didn’t really drive any of the crowds away. I am happy to answer any specific questions.

Another poster had a different experience than @NatLMain so I guess it’s perspective/expectations

See this post:
Crowds Last Week

Thank you for getting back! I didn’t even realize the Garden Festival was opening up at Epcot either until I saw it on my Facebook page updates!!! I figured maybe that along with Mardi Gras could affect the crowds! I’m glad to see that on the crowds levels, which I know when I go there will be Star Wars but we won’t get into that! I wasn’t sure if the 7-8 levels were really bad! What would you say the wait times ranged in??? Also- I was going to ask about the weather- what did the temperatures look like for highs and lows?? That is crazy the rain didn’t affect the crowds- I guess everyone is realizing rainy days are best days haha! I’m trying to think of more questions- thank you so much!!

I’m going to look at it now- thank you!

We just got back Saturday, and I was pleasantly surprised. The revised crowd calendars totally freaked me out - I’m not great in crowds and we were going with small children whose patience I doubted - but while it was undeniably very busy I found it manageable, nobody ever got lost, and between a touring plan and modifying fast passes the waits were totally bearable.

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I would have to agree that it is all about perspective. I was way more relaxed this trip and didn’t let anything bother me. I thought the crowds were manageable. I have been to WDW random weeks in January and February in the past and the crowd levels ended up being way more than predicted so I ended up not really paying attention too much to crowd levels this trip (other than avoiding CL 10 like Christmas) and just went when it was best for me.

We were there 2/28 to 3/7. So we weren’t totally in the first week of March. The weather was perfect until 3/5 (rainy and 50 degrees).

As I stated before- we are the same about crowds and we also have a 6 and 3 year old but after we have been those times in Nov and Dec we were like what were we thinking going in May- anyway my agent totally suggested first week in March but I’m terrified after seeing the crowd levels updates! Now I know it’s Disney and it’s always crowded and plus Star Wars Land opening but I still was thinking about finding a new time to go!! Would you go again that week based off your experience and would you recommend me and my party of 12 who hate overly crowded places??? Lol