Gluten free snacks/ breakfast

my son unfortunately has to eat gluten free. Table service and most quick service places are fine. We are struggling more with snack breakfast etc. For everyone else it seems easy: waffles at sleepy hollow, croissant from France etc We really dont want to use a full meal credit for breakfast but as a 13 yr old he really needs some carbs to get him going in the morning. ANy suggestions. We will be based at OKW so one morning we might ? walk? over to POFQ for the beignets but anything else?

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@mALYficent is very knowledgable about GF foods, hopefully she can give some advice.

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Snack items are definitely the hardest for us gluten free peeps. Also because I’ve never gotten the dining plan so I haven’t paid attention to which items are snack credits vs paying out of pocket. But I’m quite certain that the Starbucks on Main St USA carries the new GF breakfast sandwiches

The beignets are POFQ are absolutely worth a visit but I don’t know how easily you can walk there from OKW, if there’s a path or even sidewalks. Definitely worth checking into a that bit further.

Carbs for us are so hard. I honestly think it might be best to go to the quick service restaurant at the resort in the mornings and get a waffle rather than trying to find something quick, because we just don’t have a lot of those kinds of things available in the parks. It sucks but is the life of a celiac

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My typical Disney breakfast could be banana, yogurt and orange juice. Cheerios with milk I do too. I am not gluten intolerant. I am allergic to eggs and don’t typically like pancakes and waffles. I don’t like the whole wheat taste. Cheerios, rice crispies, oatmeal and rice chex are my regular cereals.

In DLR, I got a children’s breakfast. I can’t eat melons so I had all strawberries on the plate with yogurt. I dipped the strawberries in the yogurt.

At another location, I got oatmeal.

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Good to see you .

According to the transportation wizard, you can’t walk to POFQ from OKW, only from POR.

Thanks @gabmom :slight_smile: my subscription expired so I’m not on chat or La Cava anymore but I can still see and respond to these public ones!

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Good to know. I liked your wedding photos.