Gluten Free at Disney

New to the gluten free world, so wondering if anyone has dining, drinking, and/or snacking suggestions for me both in the parks and at our resort (staying at the Yacht Club)? Do I need to contact Disney dining in advance regarding our ADRs? Thanks!

Paging @mALYficent. She has lots of advice about gluten free. I’m sure she’ll chime in here.

I would definitely mention it when you make your ADRs. We went with a friend who has a peanut allergy and Disney was great. They knew about the allergy when we checked in at the restaurant and sent a chef right out to discuss safe food options.

As a Diabetic I asked for a sugar free brownie at the Electric Umbrella. They gave me one that was both sugar free AND gluten free. Didn’t think I would like it but it was great! There’s lots of GF choices.

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Hi @wallygirl! If you have already made your ADR’s, then call Disney Dining and add on the allergy. If you haven’t made them yet, there is an option in the online booking system to add an allergy as you make each reservation. At table-service restaurants, the chef will come out to speak with you and advise on what is naturally, or can be made, GF. At counter-service restaurants, the manager will come out to advise. They also have an ingredients binder which will list all of the ingredients for each item on the menu. The managers aren’t all knowledgeable, and may just hand you the binder and ask you to look yourself (that happened to me at Pizzafari in AK). But for the most part, they are great.

If you have an iDevice (iPhone, iPad) I highly recommend downloading the app “Gluten Free Disney Dining”, and the creator is Calypso Kid. It lists all of the options available at every TS, CS, Food Cart, Snack Stand in every resort and park. It’s $2, but was totally worth it to me for on-the-go checking of whether or not a food cart we were passing had something GF. I also used it in conjunction with the website to plan out all our meals in advance. Allergy Eats rates all the Disney World restaurants based on user-submitted reviews for how comfortable the patrons felt eating there, how knowledgeable the chef was, and you can filter by your specific allergy. I would find a highly rated place, then go to the Dining app to see if they had items there that I’d like.

I also follow two blogs, and both ladies are fantastic at writing in-depth reviews, and are great for answering specific questions. I messaged both of them multiple times with specific questions. Sarah is and Alexis is They both go to Disney World to eat at least once or twice a week.

Our best meals were BOG lunch (dinner was not very good), Columbia Harbour House, Boma, Riverside Mill at POR (our resort), and Narcoossee’s. We went to Kouzzina on the BoardWalk, and it’s the only place I got gluten-sick. If you are going after the end of September, they’ll have shut down by then, but if you are going before that, then be careful! I wrote a review on absolutely every single place we ate at, to submit to the GF Disney Dining app, so I can forward you that email if you like, just fire me one We were there for 10 nights, so went a lot of places! We also were at Universal for 2 days, so I have a few reviews from there as well that I could send separately, if you happen to be going there.

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OH! And I forgot about the allergy food cart at Animal Kingdom! It’s near Flame Tree BBQ and It’s Tough to be a Bug. They have lots of gluten-free snacks from Babycakes NYC (I had a sugar cinnamon donut that was deeeelish), and gluten-free beer, among other tasty nibbles :smile:


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We’ve done Disney GF more times than I can now count, and I can proudly say (but will still knock wood) that neither myself or my children have ever been glutened at Disney! Dole Whips and Mickey Bars are standard for us. We were sad that everything at Karamelle Kuche was off limits due to barley malt in the caramel :frowning:

Be prepared to spend some extra time waiting for your food. I have definitely learned to plan for this, and embrace it - it doesn’t hurt that your fries are coming fresh from a dedicated fryer instead of having sat around!

We have found that most chefs are very willing to accommodate. Easily the worst experience we had was at Biergarten - not only were there very limited foods on the buffet that were GF, but the chef did not offer to make us anything at all in the back. It was really disappointing. Every other buffet location that we’ve dined at, the chef will walk us through the line to show us what is safe, and of the items that are not safe, he/she will usually offer a substitute they can make in the back. Chef Matt at Chef Mickey’s is definitely one of our favorites, he’s just fantastic!!!

Sadly, not all GF Mickey waffles are created equal…but we found the ones at Chef Mickey’s to be hands down the best!

It has been suggested that we avoid Teppan Edo because of cross contamination on the hibachi…and it’s not a risk that I’ve been willing to take!

San Angel Inn was a really pleasant GF surprise! I know often Mexican food is good for GF, but this place had so many options I had a hard time choosing! I know I left super full!

California Grill was phenomenal, as was Citrico’s if you are looking for signature dinner options.

Man, now I am HUNGRY!!! :smile:


Happy to read all this since my step daughter is gluten free and will be joining us next summer.Thans everyone for sharing.

Just getting back to my laptop to access Forums. Thank you for all your help! @Heather, @mALYficent, @scrapper1617, and @pod4christ really appreciate all the detailed info! I am trying to get a handle on my day to day diet and for the trip, so this has been really helpful. Will let you know if there’s any new that I find out when there! :smiley:


@wallygirl more than happy to share info! I feel like I usually have every bite of food planned out in advance, but it’s certainly helpful, cuts down on time wasted planning it out in the parks! You have so so so many options, you will not go hungry :slight_smile: