Glitch with PPO BOG on an EMM-Day


I really get mad, I tried it now for days but TouringPlans is not able to integrate my PPO in my plans.
So we are going to MK on 03/04/18 and have a PPO at BOG at 8.10am, as there is EMM on this day I think the opening hours will not change. I’m also aware that because of EMM we hardly will not have a ride before 8.55a.m. But at least I thought we should be able to line up at latest 8.50am and so before the RD crowds will arrive and we should ride with the first or second train and the waiting time would not exceed 10mins. After this we wanted to head to PPF and line up with the RD crowds, but we should at least be able to finish both at 9.20a.m. or at latest 9.30a.m. However TP tells me that I have to wait at least 40mins with arriving at 7DM at 8.50a.m. Although if I try to cheat TP and integrate EMM in my plans, it tells me with arriving at 8.50a.m. (and the fictive EMM-access) I will wait at least wait 20mins. Is EMM really so bad that I will not have any advantages of PPO. As we are on the Dining Plan but not interested in multiple repeated rides, EMM is not worth it for us. But as it will be our first day, I don’t want to change the day on a no EMM-day.

I just hoped to finish Fantasyland - with minimize walking and a very relaxing walking (just to also have a look for the environment or for photo-stops) - without any FP until 10.15 or at least 10.30a.m.:
So my original plan was:
PPO BOG at 8.10a.m.
7DMT 8.50-9.05a.m.
PPF 9.05-9.20a.m.
Pooh 9.20-9.40a.m.
VotLM 9.40-9.55a.m.
Small World 10.00-10.20a.m.

then Haunted Mansion, Splash, FP+ BTMR, Pirates and FP+ Jungle Cruise and finished with this all at least 1p.m (wanted to save my 3rd FP+ for Mickey when leaving the park), but according with TP this is impossible - will not finish until 2p.m./2.30p.m. because of the probably glitch for my start or it sends me criss-cross the park to finish it earlier.

So am I so wrong, or is it only an error of TP? And how to deal with it?

Thank you

I think that the plan you created with the tweak of using EMM to get your 7DMT line-up time before park opening would result in a reasonably correct overall timing. However, if you still think the the wait time for 7DMT is incorrect, you could put in a meal break at a nearby restaurant to represent the time you think it will take you to get through 7DMT and let the TP engine take over from there.

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Thank you, perhaps that is really the best way. If we are faster, great but of course it complicates the choice of FP-windows.

So I’m unsure, if I’m right that we would be faster because it’s only my 3rd time at Disney World.
So far I only RD MK once - 12/29/2016 - with the old procedure (no Welcome Show at the Castle stage) and at 8a.m. EMH without PPO- or EMM-guests. At this time I was the first on 7DMT (I’m a real fast walker and passed many people without running) and head afterwards to PPF, which was a walk-on, so I think at least 10-15mins for both. But I have not so much experiences, so perhaps you could tell me, if I only was lucky at this time or if it’s also realistic now. Ok next year I will come with my mother, so I also don’t want hesitate so much although she is very fit. But as we have PPO at BOG I think we will take the first or at least the second official train on this day before heading to PPF.