Glitch in Personalized TP?

I’ve been using personalized TPs for years and I’m currently building TPs for my August trip. On August 23rd which is a MNSSHP night and an EMH morning and a CL 1, it says the wait for BTM at 8 am will be 67 mins. I’ve been to BTM probably 50 times first thing in the morning and never had a 67 min wait, especially on an CL1. I’ve re-evaluated several times and it still shows 67 mins. Is this a glitch??? Or is there something I don’t know??? If I replace it with Space it says the wait is 7 mins. What’s going on?

E-mail about this and include the plan URL. They are usually quite quick about getting to the bottom of these sorts of things.

My guess would be that it’s because only Fantasyland and Tomorrowland are open for morning EMH. So if you try to go to BTM at 8am, it’s having you wait until 9am to ride.


wow, that’s it! thank you!


Ooh - that’s it. Well spotted! I wasn’t paying attention to the mEMH detail… :man_facepalming:


I may or may not be familiar with this question from spending 30+ min wracking my brain over the same issue in making a TP for an upcoming trip…we love the BTMRR-to-Splash RD and I could not for the life of me figure out why the times were so out of whack!