Glitch in MDE

Ok, I made a reservation around October last year as a placeholder until we finalized our plans for this summer. We decided to go to DLR instead and I canceled the reservation. I never paid more than the original deposit and I got that back. But MDE still shows the POFQ and 5 day park hopper tickets as current. Trip was scheduled to start tomorrow. I’m curious how far this glitch will go? Will they assign me a room number? Can I purchase Genie? The tickets still come up with the bar code! Should I hop on a flight?

Let us know what happens! I’m curious now.

I’d call the MDE tech support number- (407) 939-4357

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Offer it up on here and Chat and see if somebody who deperately needs a last minute trip could run with it

No room assignment! Lol. But I can see the bus times for the resort, and purchase Genie and enter virtual queue for Guardians. So maybe the tickets would have worked??