Glad to be back :)

I had to let my account lapse so I didn’t get sucked into planning more trips than we can afford, ha! But we’ve got one coming up in December and I’m super happy to be back on these boards. :smiley:

We’re going for a week just before Christmas. Perhaps this is crazy, I don’t know… But it’s a fairly last minute decision and I took what I could get that was still available on the room discounts. So there you are! We’ll be at Coronado Springs with Free Dining. (Woot! All The Food!! I upgraded to the regular DDP.) We’re staying 8 nights, so 7 full days of Park & Resort time.

How would you spend your first morning during the Christmas season to just plain enjoy the feeling? We have an 8 year old and a 10 year old. Grandparents might be joining us and are pretty slow walkers. The Family Magic Tour looks perfect but sadly, this is a Sunday so it’s not offered. (Dec 15)

I’m thinking MK on our first day. We had a pretty thorough visit when we went a couple years ago so I don’t feel any need to rush or cram in every ride. Especially the first morning, I want to feel relaxed and enjoy the decorations. I have definitely planned some time to check out decorations at the MK area resorts, the Boardwalk area, and AKL.


Welcome back, I’m sure you’ll have a great trip. If you’re doing MK, you might want to take monorail to GF and check out Christmas decorations. Or you could boat over to Wilderness Lodge.

I forgot about Wilderness Lodge! Thanks. :slight_smile:

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Main Street is quite lovely at Christmas, but I really get that “holiday feeling” at Epcot! All of the storytellers, the Epcot Christmas background music loop, the special food…it really hits it for me. With the FW construction, I’m sure it will feel different, but that shouldn’t affect WS where the storytellers are.

Welcome back. I hope you have a great trip. Never been at Christmas; only early January so at least I got to see MK decorations. Yea, I love WL and have heard the decorations are fab (actually I’ve heard most hotel decorations are fab)

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Hmmmm. Epcot is an interesting idea! I hadn’t thought of that at all, but I can see what you’re saying. Of course, then I would need to rethink the whole week (and ADR’s)… :thinking: Definitely something to ponder. Thank you. :slight_smile: