Giving up Fantasmic dining package?

Hope I am not overloading everyone with my questions… here is one more! I have MM fantasmic package booked for 1:45pm. It is the latest I can get after repeatedly checking. We are planning to go to a water park before going to HS for the afternoon. As I am looking at the timing, I think that we will likely be rushed to make this ADR. Also I am really only booking this for the fantasmic show. I think we will likely have already eaten before getting to HS and MM is not a restaurant that I am clamoring to go to. We also have a Sci-Fi ADR booked for after fantasmic which I am very excited for. HBD has openings later which would allow us to not feel rushed, but with a party of 7 and kids who would likely rather be riding rides than sit at a long restaurant meal, I can not justify booking that one. At least MM package is more reasonably priced for us. So am I crazy to not do the package and hope for a fourth FP for fantansmic? I really do want to see the show so I keep wavering on this one. I have also read that there really isn’t a bad seat in the house. If we are waiting in FP or standby line, can some of our party leave to get snacks or do some shopping? I guess we would be risking not getting into the show at all though.

Not crazy, no. Usually you can get fastpasses certainly up until lunchtime.

2 things to consider…

When are you going? At certain times, if there’s only one show, F! will fill up, so if you don’t get a fastpass you would need to be prepared to queue for an hour at least.

The second slight concern is if times get changed and F! gets pushed back, that could impact your Sci Fi reservation.

Thanks for the reply! We won’t be arriving until maybe later than 1:45 if we cancel this package. So there may not be fourth FP to be had, especially with a party of 7. There is only one showing listed for that night (Oct 6, so thinking if there was going to be a time change or second show it would already be listed?) Our Sci Fi adr is for after fantasmic so ok if show is earlier. CL for that day is 6. I guess it maybe a gamble. Also wondering if my mom should even go to the show. She will be using a motorized scooter in the park since she cant walk long distances or stand for long periods. I think I read that the seats are wooden benches? Maybe difficult for her to sit in for long period.
We are planning to be at water park (without my mom) right at opening. Originally thought we could spend 2 hours and then book it to HS for MM. But considering it now, I wonder if we are going to be stressed rushing. We are getting close and I think I am rehashing all of our plans!