Giving away some magic band covers/skins/stickers for free!

Hi All,

I’m not sure where to post this or if it’s against the rules, so please feel free to move the post or let me know the guidelines otherwise.

I recently got in to making some magic band covers, and would like to share some of my creations with folks to hopefully get some feedback. They are made out of a vinyl and look pretty nice. They also are pretty durable and should hold up to some wear and tear for a few days at least. Furthermore, I am pretty happy with how the designs turned out (six so far, more to come).

If you would like a free pair, I’ll need to be PM’d address to send it to you. I’ve attached an album of what I have available at this moment. I’d really like to grow this so all I ask is if you have feedback / design ideas, please let me know. As mentioned I do have a few storefronts up as well; I could use a review or two to get the ball rolling for future creations.

Thanks all in advance!


I don’t know if it’s against the rules but I’d love one of the black and white ones - really nice job!

Ooh!!! Sure, and thanks!!! We are a family of 4. Is 4 too many… or should I pick 1? Thanks again!!

Sorry… I see now it says 2. Duh! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

No problem. SENT!

I would love a Batman & Captain America for my boys :blush: