Give up POP for free dining?

We currently have a reservation at Pop. Free dining just was released for our check-in date but free dining is not available for Pop. If we’d like to grab it, we’d have to switch to All star sports or movies. Is this worth it? We’re so torn! Any advice?

Is there also a savings on room rate?

Yes, deal with dining is about $200 cheaper and it would also upgrade us to park hoppers


I would switch if it were me. Movies rooms appear to be renovated the same as Pop. The only thing you would be missing is the Skyliner.


I agree with @Alewis678.


Thank you for the advice! We switched and can now stop worrying about making a decision :joy:



Don’t do it. You’re trading having access to the Skyliner for having to use the buses which stop at all of the All-Star resorts before heading to the parks/Disney Springs. Who wants to save money? :wink:
I’m joking BTW.

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The All Stars only share buses at off peaks time of the day for the parks and don’t share for Magic Kingdom. The whole All Star bus sharing thing is really a non-issue and I don’t think should be a factor in someone deciding to stay there.


Bus sharing was one of our concerns. Thanks for clarifying that!

Definitely do not give up the Skyliner! It’s a game changer!