Girls Trip in 2 nights- How would you do it?

I am bringing 5 friends who have never been to Disney World, for a two night trip. I know we cant do it all, but still trying to hit up all 4 parks. We will be staying at GF. Which of these options would you do?

Option A
Day 1: MK from 2pm-close
Day 2: HS from open-2pm, park hop to EP from 2pm- close
Day 3: AK from open to 12pm, head to airport

Option B
Day 1: EP from 2pm-close
Day 2: HS from open-2pm, park hop to MK 2pm-close
Day 3: AK from open to 12pm head to airport

Is there a better Option C anyone can think of? I wish we could do a morning in MK, and then park hop to different park in the middle, and come back for MK fireworks at night. I love MK mornings, but I know fireworks are a big deal for first timers.

When is this trip? Are you expecting your friends to go from rope drop to park close?

I like option A. MK is the closest and being a travel day, might be nice not to travel to far. And start off with fireworks!

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January, and yes forcing them to rope drop. I told them this is not a “vacation” this is Disney lol.


Good point! it would be nice to just get started right away

I vote for option A. I think it’s easier to park hop from HS to EP. I also love to start my trips with MK.

Option A for reasons stated. And you didn’t ask but personally I’d do MK again instead of AK on the last day to take advantage of the GF location. Would save a lot of time vs traveling all the way out to AK.

A as well. Travel day you don’t want to go to Epcot and it makes sense to park hop to Epcot from DHS cuz you can take the boat, skyliner or walk with ease

I would say option A makes the most sense. On arrival day u can get to Mk quickly. Also you will waste less time on Day 2 with HS and Epcot being able to walk or skyliner. I also like option A because if your friends want to spend more time at MK after day 1 you would make that happen probably.

I like the way you roll! I would also choose Option A. Most newbies seem to think of MK when they think Disney. It’s a good way to begin. And I like ending with AK. It’s my favorite park so I’d never skip it, and it’s much more relaxing to me, so a good way to wrap up the trip.