Girls Trip F&W--how to plan?

Planning a trip with some girlfriends. It will be 4 days (Wed-Sat) including arrival day (flights land 1030) and departure day (flights leave at 730 pm) in Oct. We want to hit some highlights at each park, do F&W and see the concerts there, and have a little bit of relaxation time. My fellow travelers have a few attractions (FOP, EE, ToT, SDD, TSMM, Soarin, TT, Splash, HM) they want but no other real must dos. One is a WDW veteran but not a liner, the other two have been several times. And this will be my 2nd of 3 trips this year.

I was thinking Cali Grill to watch HEA or MNSSHP fireworks if its worth it? Which one? Should we RD HS and AK and then head to Epcot in late afternoons/evenings or what? FPP the first park or do what we can at RD and then FPP Epcot? I am pretty good at planning longer trips (7-9 days) especially with kids but this one is trickier as my friends don’t have strong opinions but I’m not really in charge like on trips with my own family so it’s hard to decide. I want to make a basic plan and run it by them before FPP day in August. WWYD?

This all sounds do-able. There are only a couple of must do’s for each park. You can fastpass one and stand-by the other in the case of SDD & TSMM. I would fastpass SDD. Fastpass TT and rope drop Soarin’. I think all others can be fastpasses.

Cali Grill is a great idea both for dinner and the view of fireworks. HEA is gorgeous from there. We’ve been to MNSSHP and watched the fireworks inside the park. But, I’m sure those would be awesome too from Cali.

It can still be pretty hot in October. I would plan early mornings (rope drop), midday break for pool/chill time at resort, and then go back for evenings. F&W will be busiest on weekends & nights. If you can go earlier in the afternoons (weather permitting), that would be great.

This not from personal experience but from what I’ve heard. Hallowishes is more like the previous night time spectacular Wishes and so is still, well, spectacular viewed outside of the park. HEA on the other hand relies a lot on projections and so is best viewed inside the park. Again not sure if that is entirely true with out seeing first hand but does make sense.

Good to know! Thanks. I’ve seen HEA from the park and from CG but I’ve not seen Hallowishes (did not even know it was called that)

It is hard to decide what to do when, but thanks for the tip about maybe taking breaks b/c of heat in October–definitely something I hadn’t really thought about.