Girls Trip Dining

It’s official. 3 years to plan the last trip and I’m heading back in 6 months with some girlfriends for a long weekens. We have a Boardwalk Villa situation and 3 day hoppers at the end of October. Our main focus is Food and Wine, but I think we’ll likely do all 4 parks. So where (else) to eat? We’ll likely do two partial days at EP and just focus on F&W.

My priority at AK is Nomad, since I’ve never been. I love Skipper Canteen (Best Sangria in the World TM) but should we consider something else that’s at a resort walkable to MK? I hardly know what to do with this relaxed pace and no children of my own or high school students to cater to. (MK is gonna be a little tricky since I think we’ll be trying to plan around whatever Halloween party happens.)

As for HS, I’d be delighted with a return to Docking Bay 7, but is there somewhere else I should consider? Table Service?

We have a split of ‘adventure eaters’ (as my 9 year old refers to herself) and pickies, so price fixe is not a great option as one of the pickies is a kids menu fan.

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I’ve heard good things about Steakhouse 71 at CR.


General budget tolerance for your crew?

I have a fantasy plan for a moms trip that would include Sangria University and the cake class at Amorettes (is that still a thing?).


DH and I loved S71 and found it a good value.

For a girls trip though I might aim toward something at GF (Citricos or Narcoosees) because the atmosphere at GF kind of screams girls dress up night to me, with pre dinner drinks at the Enchanted Rose lounge or whatever it’s called. Never been to any of those places and probably won’t if I keep taking DH along with me on trips :laughing:


LOL! Completely understand that. My next trip is just me and my oldest daughter. We’ll be doing a lot of things DH wouldn’t be interested in.


Sangria University…off to Google.
And I’m back. I want to go to there. And there are two on this trip that would absolutely be in pastry heaven if they did Amorettes (and then I could take my nerdy self off and build a lightsaber while they made me dessert :rofl:). In terms of budget, as long as we can avoid any prix fixe meals, the non-foodies will be happy.


Dietary restrictions must be tough that’s for sure. My DHs restrictions are self-imposed, I have to check every menu to see if they have Caesar salad because that’s about the only “vegetable” he eats :rofl:

Did you guys take the trip where you ate at Monsieur Paul’s and it was like the best ever? I have lurked through a lot of trip reports but I remember someone raving about having such a special experience at MP and I’m just so bummed it is still closed.

Love it!

Ogas would be fun with a group of girlfriends. (Why are all my suggestions booze related? Oh well, if you wont judge then I won’t either :joy:.) And RotR and character meets / trying to seek out CMs in Batuu that will include you in some mission. I am an extrovert though so I would love to interact with the storylines in a different way than if I was just trying to make sure my kids were having a good time.



Yes. I have my own, but they are the “normal” ones that have special menus.

Yes. We went twice. The first one was just me and my youngest child on her 17th birthday. It was divine. Best waiter ever. Then, we felt like DH should go, so we went again the next night. It wasn’t as magical as the first time, mostly because I ordered the same thing and I should’ve tried something new. DH had really plain food because they weren’t great at dietary restrictions.

I suspect that they will reopen when all the country reps return. At least I hope so.

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great idea!

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Totally agree! My youngest was ok with the Stormtroopers from a distance but they spooked her when they interacted. I want to play along!

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I am always going to suggest Hollywood Brown Derby for HS - drinks, food, service - it is all good and the menu caters to all.

We did drinks at Enchanted Rose (they have a food menu, but I haven’t tried it) before we went to the Christmas Party last year where our dinner was stuffing our faces with cookies and popcorn and mickey sandwiches.

I think anything at the Grand Floridian is a great girls trip option.

Ale & Compass brunch since you’re at Boardwalk it is just a short ride away!

I like eating at Trader Sam’s if we’re hopping away from the Magic Kingdom and you have time to be away for awhile. The atmosphere is way fun and the food they have there is always good.