Gingerbread displays 2023

Just to mess with anyone’s plans, the Contemporary display looks to have become a “must-see” this year.


Must have a 5-Legged Goat cookie :heart:


Oh totally. This made my day. :goat: :leg:


Wow! It looks so awesome! Too bad I won’t be there this year. Of course, I think ginger tastes like soap….


It gets even better!


These are not new. They just have them in a new location. We saw all of these as part of a single display in the Epcot festival center (between UK and Canada, I believe). They are impressive to see, though…so glad to see they still have them.

I think you can say that about almost every display. This thread opened with the CR 100 year display:

This is one of my photos from 2019

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Good point.

Honestly, I was disappointed by the gingerbread houses in general because they seemed more like just normal construction projects with gingerbread glued to them. I was expecting them to be actually made entirely of edible foods/sweets.

If you zoom into the 2019 picture you will see little coloring book pictures (cut out and taped to the display). Yup- that was their “find the….” Game.

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Thank you for this! When I saw the photos of the 100th display I thought I was losing my mind because it sure looked a lot like the one I saw there on a different year! :rofl:

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