Gingerbread Challenge

On the Disney Dish, Len keeps mentioning something called the Gingerbread Challenge, taking place this year in early December. Anyone know what this is?

:yum::yum: Sounds like a challenge I would enjoy!

No idea what it is though :christmas_tree::christmas_tree:

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A liner here posted about it, but I can’t remember who

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Len mentions it during each episode’s event announcements, along with other Dish-initiated* happenings like Disney Dish on the Disney Wish (sea cruise, Fall 2022) and the group they’re putting together for the Galactic Starcruiser (land cruise, Spring 2023).

The Gingerbread Challenge seems to be a weekend group-gathering in WDW that includes a gingerbread house–building activity as one of its planned events.

*or Touring Plans–initiated? — I’m not sure of the distinction, if any.

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They did it last year I saw on instagram. It was a gingerbread decorating contest in MK. Touring plans gave out a lot of prizes. I think they announced which day for This year already.