Gifting Magic Bands

Hello, we have some friends who will be taking their family on their first trip in October. They will be staying offsite in a condo. My family has a stockpile of magic bands from previous trips and will get getting another set in September. Is it possible to deactivate our bands in MDE and reactivate them in their MDE account? Their girls would love to have the bands and the parents are hoping not to have to purchase ones in the park. Thanks!

Unfortunately, no – once a magic band is linked to a specific MDE account, it can’t be transferred.

yeah, unfortunately the only way to gift magic bands is to buy them new ones.

I even tried giving my younger son his older brother’s band and that didn’t work. We had to buy him a new one, while my older son was ‘too cool’ to wear his.

Anyway, the batteries in those things only last so long. If you gave them yours and they ran out, it would be a disappointing gift.

You can get the basic ones for $12, I think, so that’s probably not going to break anyone’s budget, albeit an unneeded extravagance.

Thanks guys. What a bummer and a waste of the 3 sets that we have. I know I could decline new ones this time, but I am looking forward to getting a purple one! And Disney is so nice that they even send one for a 10 month old. :slight_smile: