Gift Card Nerdery

It’s time to pay for our vacation, and I’m currently researching best deals on gift cards.

I didn’t realize till recently that Target sells Disney Gift Cards (as large as a $500) that are delivered to you via email:

Could I purchase 10 $500 cards online via our Red Card (debit or credit) and save $250 (5%) automatically?

Has anyone here done this successfully?


I did it last summer. It worked fine for me.


Thanks, @cynthiahendrick.

Follow up question: After purchase, did you consolidate using or did you enter the number from each gift card on the Disney World payment page?

I have not done that large of an amount at once but have used the online ones. I did consolidate on line.

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You can only transfer up to a maximum of $1000 to a single card, so if you have 10 $500 cards, the best you can do is consolidate down to 5 $1000 cards.


I purchased 4 $500 cards from Target a few weeks back and consolidated them onto 2 cards. If for whatever reason you need to cancel the trip, Disney reimburses via the same payment method you paid with. It’s just easier for me to keep track of 2 gift card numbers than 4 - and I registered them on to also help with tracking.


Thanks for the feedback, everybody.

For those that may be doing the same investigative work, I’m actually now looking at purchasing cards through the B2B Sales Team at BJ’s.

Backside of Magic mentioned this deal in a recent epidsode.

I’ve just confirmed with them that this is their current deal:

The prices below are for $2,500 orders and above.

Item # Description Face Value Offer Price
62708 3 Pack - $50 Disney Gift Card $ 150.00 $ 140.00
62700 $100 Disney Gift Card $ 100.00 $ 95.00

The prices below are for $5,000 orders and above.

Item # Description Face Value Offer Price
62708 3 Pack - $50 Disney Gift Card $ 150.00 $ 138.50
62700 $100 Disney Gift Card $ 100.00 $ 94.00

I just did this exact thing last week. Purchased $5000 in gift cards using my Target card and only paid $4750. I got 10 $500 gift cards. My TA just entered them all for me . I had about $670 left after paying off my trip package and she combined them onto one card for me which will be used while we are there for dining/souvenirs/etc.


I buy the $100 gift cards from the actual store. Generally I buy several at a time to save the 5%. I just worry making such a large transaction for an emailed card. I am sure it is fine but for me I would rather have the physical card in hand. As I buy them I combine them on

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I did get 10 separate emails…one for each of the gift cards. The email has a link to obtain the gift card. Then once combined, I printed just the one that has a balance left.

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Good info.

Anyone here ever purchased cards in bulk from BJ’s?

My dad bought 90 $25 gift cards from BJ’s last fall when they were running a 10% discount (he might have then bought more, but he definitely did 90 at one time, so a $2,250 transaction). He actually got the email about the B2B sales because he had made the large transaction previously. No issues with it, he got them all in the mail and combined them online. He also worked for BJ’s for 30 years before recently retiring, so he wouldn’t have done it if he didn’t trust it would be fine.


I purchased $450 worth from BJs last year when they were doing the 8% deal. Technically speaking, they have a limit in the number they allow (3), although people have said it is rarely enforced. I bought 3 sets of 3 $50.

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I did the Target red card thing and it worked fine. Bought $16000 in gift cards for $15200.

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Hey Jon,

FWIW, Sam’s club has discounted cards too and historically you can use a Disney Visa (or other rewards card) connected to the Dosh cash back app and stack the savings. (I can send you a Dosh referral if you are interested.)

Believe the best Sam’s GC deal now is 6.9% off:
%50 GC is 4% off, Disney Visa= 1% back, Dosh = 2% back.

Dosh TOS has always said GC purchases were not included, but when I bought some last year online using my Disney Visa I got the cash back anyway (as have other Liners.)

I bought a Sam’s membership when they had a $10 special, so it was worth it - keep an eye out for those.

Last week I did run a test purchase for a $50 Disney GC from Sam’s to see if I could stack % off using the Samsung Pay app, but so far that didn’t work - and I haven’t seen anything show up in Dosh yet. (Sometimes you have to wait a week and/or give them a nudge - but just want you to be aware Dosh rules could change at some point, if they haven’t already.)

In any case, if this sounds enticing, here’s some captures from my spreadsheet when I was figuring out the best deals at Sams:


I’m all about saving a buck…but man, this is too hardcore for me!


In my defense, I was wearing my nerd sombrero at the time.


I entered each gift card separately.

I should’ve known you would have some deep, Backside of Magic-ish research with spreadsheet, @JJT

If you get $5k in BJ’s cards, you can save 7.66%

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Good to hear from the daughter of a former BJ’s employee, @jenn94. I trust that, for sure!

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