Gideon's virtual que gone?

Heads up. Paging Mr. Morrow posted a video from DS yesterday & the traditional line was back. Virtual was not an option.

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Well that confirms I won’t be getting them anytime soon. I might join a virtual queue if I’m already at DS, but standing in an hours long line for cookies is f’ing ridiculous.


That might be WHY they got rid of the virtual line…the virtual line was growing so ginormous compared to a standard line because there was no “risk” in joining a line you don’t have to actually stand in.


Could be. But I still think people will wait an hour.
Not me.


That’s wacky.

Virtual queue was perfect. Join the queue, shop/eat, get text, return, voila.

(BTW the cookies are holding up fantastically. We ate 6 while there and are down to 4 left here at home)


I think this varied a lot from day to day. @Jeff_AZ had something nuts like a 6 hour virtual wait. I had a mere 90minutes on a Friday around dinner time (when I was worried about a 6 hour wait!)

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Can you pay to skip the line? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


You could probably hire someone to wait in line for you.


Do they have Fast Pass?

Or is that the name of their all Bran cookie?



Genius! Could I make enough to live on, I wonder? :thinking:

Add it to your “fun money” fund for when you move on site, pursuant to the discussion here yesterday.


Which discussion was that?

Can you live on cookies alone? … you might get paid in cookies :laughing:

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I’m thinking I could spend part of my day waiting in line for people and then heading to the parks later on. Or the other way round so I can get to the parks early. Cookies for lunch is OK, cheesecake or key lime pie would be better. <goes to check menu>

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mmmmmm, key lime pie :yum:

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It was in my trip thread I think - cost of home ownership vs cost of DVC point ownership so as to live in WDW permanently, albeit moving every 30 days to avoid establishing a permanent address in the resort which isn’t allowed by FL rules or something.


I don’t think I’d like moving every 30 days or never being in my own place. I’d rather live in Golden Oaks permanently. It really is close to WDW, I drove by the entrance accidently one day on my way to DS from the Poly. It really is ON Disney property. BTW as a kid, I spent my summers living in hotels along the FL coast. My Step-Dad was singer/lounge act and played the FL circuit for years. He also did a world tour w/ Up With People, played Radio City Music Hall (2 yrs) where I got to meet the Rockettes and climb through the catwalks of the theater as a kid.


Full same. Especially since our best opportunity for Gideon’s will be the last day of our trip where we are going to do a relaxed brunch/shopping day in DS. I think after a full week of carrot cake cookies and troll horns and mickey ice cream, the prospect of waiting in line for a cookie just isn’t going to do it for me.


I think something like 11,000 points would get you a 1-bed at OKW for a year. That’s a ballpark figure, since I think you’d need to move every 30 days, plus I think there’s a limit of how many points you can own at any one resort - not sure if there’s a total limit. Maybe 12k would be better, split so as not to exceed the resort limit.

And of course you’d need to pay dues on those.

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