GF - worth it?

Taking my mom, dad and sister to WDW in September to celebrate my mom’s 65th. Our 7 month window just opened for DVC and I have us booked in a 1 bedroom at BCV. I’m really torn and kind of wanting to book GFV instead but it’s quite a bit more in points (I’d want a lake view villa). Is the GF worth the extra cost?? It’s so beautiful and on my bucket list for sure I’m just hesitating. Mom loves MK more than any other park but enjoys EP as well.

If MK is your Mom’s favorite and it’s her birthday, it’s absolutely worth it. I cannot describe the feeling I had when we stayed at GF and I went out on the balcony and the top of the castle was in my sight.
Absolutely priceless!


Without knowing the total cost to upgrade, I’d say go for it because:

  1. Bucket list item
  2. Special occasion
  3. Making priceless memories with your parents
  4. The walkway to MK may be open by then, so you’d have an extra option for easy MK visits

That said, if the cost difference is really making you uncomfortable, just remember you will still have a wonderful time at BCV if you decide the numbers just don’t work!


Would another view be more reasonable? I really loved everything about GFV. This was my view:

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Yes, it would. But I have the points to book the lake view and we loved having that view when we stayed at the Poly. I think it’d be it extra special. It’s always a mental back and forth in my head deciding how many points to spend on a particular trip and making sure I have enough for the next one! :crazy_face:

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If you have the points and you want to do it-why are you waiting?

I switched! Only in my hesitation I missed out and now only 3/4 nights are available for the room I want. I booked the 4th for a standard view villa and put in a waitlist for that night on the lake view. Hopefully it comes through between now and Sept!