GF with 2 boys?


Hi All! We usually stay at BC or WL but I am considering GF. I hesitate because the rooms though beautiful look very feminine and I have DS13 and DS6. I am wondering if my rough and tough boys will like it?


I bet they will appreciate being on the monorail & being so close to the parks .... Probably enough that they would sleep in a pink lace room 😜


@Stitcharella you might be right! They liked BLT but haven't wanted to go back so far. GF looks so pretty 👸


Is it the room or the resort that they like? Like the pools, etc?


I'm pretty sure that the rooms at GF have undergone a refurb and don't look so frilly anymore. I don't think that the main building rooms haven't been finished yet though. Check out the photos here...
Grand Floridian Resort Overview

I have 2 boys, as well, and we plan on staying at the GF next year. smiley


I think that no matter what age children will be happy to be at WDW. We go around making sure everything is just right for our children, its what we do, but sometimes just take a little something for you, if you want to stay at GF do it, enjoy x


GF is great! The pools are awesome, being on the monorail is GREAT and so convenient. I think the rooms there are the nicest of any at WDW. Is the decor a little feminine? Sure. But its not ever the top girly or anything. Its the best resort at WDW, IMO.


Thanks everyone and @Ajmills you are so right ! Never occurred to me to do it for me!!! Good advice for a mom once and awhile smile


@Plutosmypal we count too, and if Mums happy then they are all happy. x


They will be fine. My boys when they were smaller loved the glass elevator and taking the monorail and or boat directly to the hotel. They also enjoyed seeing the boats in the marina. The new Mad Hatter water play area looks fun. The pool with the slide is great also. Rooms more victorian than girly. They also might get a kick out of the phone in the bathroom!! A few times our room overlooked the monorail and they enjoyed keeping the slider door open to hear the whoosh as it passed by.


I just toured the GF rooms last week. they've been refurbed. much less frilly now. still maintains that Grand Floridian/Mary Poppins theming, but not as flowery as before.


My DS was 8 when we last stayed at GF and he loved it. Proclaimed it to be his favorite resort.

I really think he could care less what the room looks like and more about what he can see from the balcony, how cool the pool is, and what food they have.