GF to WL

Staying at GF and have 7:30 adr at Whispering Canyon. From what I can tell, best way to get there is boat from MK. Any idea if it’s possible to get a boat departing MK that early?

It depends when MK opens.

Assuming a 9am opening, I don’t think you could get to MK before 8am; neither monorail or boat will start running that early. From trip reports they are starting an hour before.

Now if MK opens at 8am then it’s possible. You’d have to go through security either at the GF monorail station or the MK boat dock.

Hmm good to know. Thinking Uber may be best in this instance. Thank you!

Uber would be a very quick ride. If MK opens early enough, you could also walk to MK(security on the walk way?).

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Oh yes! Wasn’t thinking of the walkway! Great idea.

We’ve done this twice by boat from the GF. Once to Whispering Canyon, and once to Trails End at the campgrounds. Our reservations were not nearly as early as yours. Nonetheless, we allowed about an hour travel time. It was a very enjoyable way to go if you can pull it off. Perhaps you can Uber over, bu t take the boats back. :slightly_smiling_face:

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We ended up snagging a 10:45 am ressie instead so I think we will do well to boat!!! Thanks for the advice!