GF Resort Room Availability?

As someone looking to rent points for January 2023, I was curious if anyone could confirm availability of the new GF Resort rooms. From other articles, it looked like they’d be able to book starting today. Thanks!

It cannot be viewed online at this point and is only bookable today by current VGF owners by phone only. It will be a little bit before anyone can look at the online availability tool for these rooms.


They’ll be bookable online (and so visible to everyone without a painful phone call) on May 13th.

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@nnunnelly they are bookable on the website today and there is quite a bit of availability but I’m not sure how long that will last…

There are ZERO nights without availability at this time in any room category between now and end of December (I didn’t look beyond).

If anyone wants a GF stay … now’s the time to snag it.

How odd! I only see a couple of nights fully booked… maybe it’s showing early if it’s one of your home resorts?

ETA they’re bookable, not just a visual glitch. I added a day to our October trip (with SSR points) because… of course I did.

Wow, thanks so much for the heads up. I have been looking to add 2 nights in December. I have been trying for weeks to get any monorail or Epcot DVC. Was able to get The Grand this morning.


That’s exactly what I’m saying - there are ZERO ROOMS that are fully booked. Literally (*except for what you show here) every single night is available at this time through 12/31

I totally read it wrong as zero available. I’d say I hadn’t had my coffee yet but it would be a lie. I’d had two.


I wondered if you had :wink:

It’s Friday. Our branes are fried

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I got scared about everything filling up for marathon weekend and already rented a split stay at BC and BLT.

There’s always next trip!

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This whole thing just had me on the DVC booking site exploring options and then I’m like YOU ALREADY HAVE A TRIP BOOKED FOR SEPTEMBER AND THEN AFTER THAT YOU’RE SAVING ET FOR AFRICA SO STOP ALREADY!

But FOMO you know?