GF or Poly for HEA view?

Anyone have experience of which is the best spot to view HEA: GF or the Poly?

I was unimpressed with the view from the “marina” area of the GF. I walked all the way out to the end of one of the building and it was better, but it was also the smoking secetion. At least the night I was there, there was no music in either location. The view from the deck of Narcoossee’s was much better (and had music), but I think that’s restricted to people who have ADRs there. I haven’t seen them from the Poly, but I have from the TTC (which is close) and it’s a more “straight on” view than from either GF location.

Keep in mind, that unless you have a telescope, you won’t really be able to see the castle projections from any of the above locations…


Go to Trader Sams, sit out on the deck with a cocktail and watch from there! We done this last year, just put on bug spray, those midges like to bite :open_mouth: