GF lagoon view tips

First time at GF, have a lagoon view room. Looked at room finder but wondering if anyone has any tips on what rooms to request? Also, do all rooms have daybeds? Can you see fireworks from the room? TIA!

I spent a lot of time studying just that on the TouringPlans room finder and then going as far as checking Google Maps Satellite views to get an idea on where trees were and how limiting they were likely to be on a view of the Magic Kingdom.

We requested GF 8323 (Boca Chica, 3rd floor Lagoon view Room) & got 8327. 8327 worked out great for us - beautiful lagoon view - the castle was framed by a couple trees & if you moved to the end you could see space mountain. Wonderful view of the Electric Boat Parade - solid view of the fireworks, although you did have a couple trees blocking some of the view.

Here’s a link to a pic from the fireworks from that room: You can go thru the gallery there and see other views from the room to get an idea.


I am also looking for good lagoon view rooms at GF for our upcoming trip - this is really helpful, thanks! I didn’t realize it was possible to get any view of the MK with a lagoon view room - cool! How long would it take you to get to the monorail station from your room?

My impression is you can get “restricted view” of the MK via Lagoon View - although not all Lagoon Views will offer that of course. I was quite pleased with our room given we weren’t paying Magic Kingdom View prices but could still see fireworks and hear the parades while out on the balcony.

I’d think worst case it was a 5 minute walk to the Monorail / buses and slightly less to the boat to/from the MK. Although given the boat stops at the Poly after picking up at the GF we found the monorail the fastest option to MK and would boat back typically. For the monorail from Boca Chica, you’re just walking around the pool, into the main lobby, up a floor and to the front. It’s really not a long walk and quite pleasant/scenic. Going out of Boca Chica via one of the corner stairs rather than the main entrance also cuts a little time off the walk presuming stairs are no issue…

Great info again - thanks so much! :+1: