Getting worried about crowd levels starting 1/22

TP CC is showing fairly low numbers for the 10 days starting 1/22. But with the wait times I’m seeing in the parks this week for headliners I’m getting worried.
Should I be worried that I’m going to have much longer waits than my TPs are telling me? Or am I just being paranoid?

I’m going the same timeframe as you starting 24th. I would wait to compare next week to this wed-fri. This week is a holiday week and more people go from my understanding. I went to magic kingdom for one day in the summer about 5 years ago and yes the lines were long, but as a liner you get there early and you will be ahead of the wave! Have fun!


Good advice and also check TPs predicted CLs vs actual CLs during the next week.


I’m heading down the 21st and I’m a little nervous as it seems like crowd levels are still high.

I am going a little after you. The good news is that they have been pretty close. Monday was a holiday.

We arrive this Thursday. In 2020 we went this exact same week, arriving on the Wed after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. day (Jan 22nd - Jan 29th 2020). By that Wed., the crowds had died down a bit (though it certainly wasn’t a ghost town) and we had a lovely time with almost no waits for the duration of our trip. Granted, it was pre pandemic and we took full advantage of FP, but in general the parks were quite manageable. I expect it will be comparable this time around, maybe a bit higher in terms of crowds because of revenge travel, but I definitely don’t expect to see waits like we saw the past few days. I’m no expert… just a newborn liner here. This is only my 3rd trip. But all my trips have been scheduled in late January so that’s something anyway. Hope you have a magnificent time!


Are you going to use ILL or LL …or just standby mainly? You can use a combo of three to minimize waits of course. Yep with a good plan A (and plan B,) this time of year if one of the best. No oppressive heat.

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Crowd levels are looking much better than I’d feared they’d be. Every morning lately I look at yesterday’s crowd levels. Then I look at thrill-data to see if they have a Genie return times chart for yesterday. I’m trying to make some tables of genie return times for around the same crowd level. Unfortunately, thrill-data doesn’t always have that information.


I am refusing to pay for Genie+ because they used to give us “fast passes” for free. However, I’m going to be suckered into buying at least one ILL for RotR because if I don’t get on that during my trip, I’m gonna be super pissed.

And, of course, I’m using custom TouringPlans with the app. (Been using them since they were only in book format!)

And yeah, we pick late Jan because of the (hopefully) low crowds. And there will not be any heat the next 10 days, also a reason to go now.

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I’m happy to get Genie+. With park hopping, we should be able to skip more long lines than with FPP. Everytime I think of a change I’d like, for example being able to get multiple G+ for the same ride, I realize that then everyone else would also get that benefit and it would make it harder to get even one.

We were at Universal this time of year two years ago. The weather was great. Temp varied from cold enough that we appreciated our HP robes to hot enough for shorts and a t-shirt. Only drizzled on once as we were leaving anyway.

I’ve made my custom touring plans for 2/3-2/5, but I’m not trusting them for the headliners. It’s suggesting that my wait for ratatouille on Friday at 10:10 AM (that’s offsite “rope drop”) will be 13 minutes.

And the wait flight of passage on Sunday at 8:20 (offsite “rope drop”) will be 7 minutes.

I might try to input breaks at that time for what I feel is a more likely wait time.

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Take the forecasted TP crowd level for your day, then find 2 or 3 days in the pasr month with the same actual TP crowd level.

Then take those specific days and look at Thrill Data from those same past days.

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That is what I’m trying to do. Unfortunately, the good days in Dec. didn’t have genie return times. Yesterday looks like a good day though. I’m using it to get a rough idea of what order to get my G+ for our afternoon park. The snag for us is that I’d rather not get 2 pm times, more like 4+ pm. I’d like to stay until close and I’ve observed that 5 hours of go-go-go is about our max at one time.

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