Getting to Welcome Show and RD at MK

My family and I are going to Magic Kingdom on the first full day of our trip (Wednesday, October 5th, 2016), and we want to get to the park in time for the Welcome Show and Rope Drop. We’re not staying on property, so we’ll need to park at the TTC. We also will need to rent a length-of-stay wheelchair at the TTC. How long should we expect it to take from the moment we pull into the TTC (or get in line to pay for parking) to the moment we are at the Main Street Railroad Station for the Welcome Show at 8:40am?

Because the TTC to park transportation seems to be on a never ending changing schedule I wouldn’t arrive any later than 8am if not earlier. How long it takes depends on which monorail lines are running and if they have the ferry operating that early.

As for the wheelchair I would save yourself time and money by renting one from a third party for the full time you’ll be there. It will be a lot easier to take with you since the wheelchair rental locations are in the parks and not the parking lots. Plus it’s cheaper usually.

Thanks for the advice, especially about the wheelchair rental. Do you know of a good 3rd party rental place?

I haven’t personally used one but I see the company Apple come over and over again. Most people use them ECV rentals but you might check to see if they also rent wheelchairs. If not I know there are lots of companies in Orlando and a lot of them will deliver the chair to you.

Thanks! I’ll check them out.