Getting to the parks from non Disney hotel

We are staying at the Melia Orlando, which only shuttles to MK. We are trying to decide if we should rent a car or if we should just Uber/Lyft to the other parks. We don’t have these services where I live. Can anyone tell me how much these services cost? Another option that was told to me was taking the shuttle to MK, then taking the disney transportation to the other parks. What would you all recommend?

Hi, I would rent a car. You will spend a lot of time trying to get around without one if using Disney transportation and your hotel shuttle. I have never used Lyft or Uber, I know they are popular but I am more comfortable having my own car. Getting around WDW is very easy in a car, everything is well marked. Good luck!

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I stayed off property last year and rented a car. As @Wahoohokie said, it was VERY easy getting around to all of the parks. I just added the cash to the budget to park at the parks (about $20/day). I’m even considering renting a car for my upcoming trip in Nov/December since we’re doing a split stay, despite being ON property. Everything is very well marked, I had no issues other than my GPS taking me to the employee entrance at EPCOT one day. (Too bad they wouldn’t let me park there anyway!) Relying on the shuttle and the Disney buses may make it tight if you want to rope drop or have dining reservations early in the morning.

Pay for convenience. Most hotel shuttles - well SUCK

would either get a care or Uber. Depending on the number of days etc - Uber / Lyft may be cheaper - however you need to weigh the cost benefit.

When on vacation I am all for paying for convenience - time spent waiting etc is time left enjoying when on vacation.

Personally - I would get a car. It opens up options for dining, etc.

Last time we didn’t get a car and got a car service - but we were staying onsite at WDW and Universal. In that instance it was cheaper than a car and also just more relaxing.

There’s also the option of the new Express Transportation. You’d need Park Hopper tickets, and enter the MK park first, but then it’s a quick ride to any other park, and no further need to go through security.

Not that this was asked - but I’ll offer this anyway. WHY do people feel the need to hop. Yes I get that every once in a while it is justified. YES - if you go back to the resort for a break - why not go to another park. However WHY under most circumstances would you be compelled to take time out of having fun HERE - to spend time, a lot of time (even with the express option) go to another park. Why do people find this efficient or necessary.

Now I am old enough (WAY OLD ENOUGH) to remember when park hopping was free. But now - why is it necessary - especially with the added cost?

Maybe this question should be a topic of it’s own?

I’ll be glad to offer my view on it, but I don’t want to hijack this topic, which is about transportation.

I thought it was all about the base

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On further thought, with the new security procedures, it would probably be best to either rent a car and pay for parking, or use Uber or Lyft.

If the shuttle only takes you to the TTC, you will have to go through security to get to the Epcot Mono or buses to the other parks, and then go through security again … unless, as I previously mentioned, you have PHs and use Express Transportation. But then again, it doesn’t start running until 10:00

Parking fees - $20 for regular, $40 for premium, in addition to rental fees can be weighed against Uber costs, which will be $8 - 12 per ride. Uber is dead simple to use. Install the app on your phone, link to a credit card. Open the app, select your destination and confirm. It will tell you where the nearest driver is and how long it will be to get to you. We used Uber on our last trip instead of renting a car, and it was so nice to let someone else deal with traffic.

Here is some useful info for Uber/Lyft: