Getting to the mini-golf courses from Boardwalk

OK thinking when we’re at BWV, we might go for a round of mini golf at one of the two courses on property.

Sounds like the Approved Answer is to walk to Fantasia Gardens from the resort?
Or take a bus to Blizzard Beach Water Park and then head over to the adjacent Winter Summerland?

Also, I notice that on the Enchanting Extras webpage it states that both course start at $59, but then once you land on their respective web pages it lists the adult and kid prices as $14 and $12, respectively.
Where do they get the $59 figure from? And what does that mean?

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Fantasia Gardens is reportedly wicked hard

We did Winter Summerland when the kids were a little younger and we all enjoyed it (we did the winter side).

I see the $14/$12 pricing you mention on the pages for the courses. No idea where they are getting that $59 pricing on the cover page at Enchanting Extras.

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I noticed that price disparity recently myself. I think the $59 price is a typo.

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We had a package in the fall and played both the Winter and Summer courses. I loved it. I can’t believe we’ve never played before, even though it’s been included in our “magical extras”. I’ve never played the other course as I have heard it was hard.

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Maybe they mean the real golf courses by Shades of Green and Sarstoga?

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Nope those are listed separately and say “Prices vary” under each course


I was wondering if it reflected a package you can purchase in advance as an Extra that starts at $59 but the same day, walk up price is the $14/$12

Not sure how that would work, a stereotypical family of four doing one of the two courses wouldn’t save any money even if the kids were 10+.

OK good tip about Fantasia. None of us are particularly stellar at mini-golf

One of the podcasters I like said he loves and is good at mini golf and he found Fantasia Gardens frustratingly difficult.

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THIS 100% (and then some) … been there, done that and wouldn’t do it again if they waived the fees

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So with Blizzard Beach closed in May, I’m guessing that Winter Summerland mini golf is not an option?

When I go to check availability there, it says 10 AM - 10 PM.
But how the heck do I get there?
Can’t imagine there’s buses going to the adjacent closed water park.

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And the Disney IT weirdness continues: I was looking at the daily schedule for park timings for May 5 and noticed that the Blizzard Beach entry said it was Closed until May 5.
Then I changed the date on the schedule to May 6 and it now read BB was Closed until May 6.

OK. Now I think Disney is just taunting me.

It is extending it as the schedule is extended?

Whatever date I pull up, is the new Closed until date.

I’m terrible and got 3 or 4 (I think 3) holes in one on Fantasia. It didn’t seem particularly hard compared to other courses we’ve payed on over the years.

It’s also an easy walk, now especially that they put that light there by Swan Reserve.

Just, be aware of your surroundings when crossing even if you have the light. Our Uber had to swerve over into the next lane to avoid being hit by someone pulling out of Swan reserve right by that light. Stupid phones.

Anyway. Fantasia had 2 courses. A family friendly kid one which we did, and then the insanely hard PGA mimicking course. It’s like the regular full courses, but in bite size pieces which adds to the frustration of playing it.

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Maybe that’s the reflective cost different too.

$59 for the grownup version, $15 for the family?

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The Fairways is the adult version of Fantasia.

The articles I read said that WW has 2 as well, but both are family friendly and has considerably more shade. Pair that up with the fun holiday lights and I would personally choose that over Fantasia for my next trip. But if you want to save the cost/drive over, Fantasia is still a lot of fun and super close.

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