Getting to the Magic Kingdom

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We are staying onsite in the Epcot resort area. How are folks getting to the MK these days? WDW buses/transportation? Uber to Contemporary or Grand Floridian? Something else I am not thinking of?

Thanks, in advance!

We took the WDW bus to MK. We also took the bus to AK. We walked to HS and EPCOT, but took the boat back to the hotel.

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We took the bus directly from BWV to MK. Hard to beat being dropped off basically right at the gate.

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We were at the Beach Club two weeks ago, and took the bus to MK. It went well, we were able to take advantage of early hours - busses were frequent, and it was nice to be dropped of directly at the park.


You will likely not be allowed to Uber/Lyft/drive yourself to the Contemporary, Polynesian, or Grand Floridian hotel unless you have an ADR at that hotel. The security guards have been really clamping down on that. You should have no problem if you are using Disney transportation…

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I agree with the others. Bus it. For MK; whatever the hotel transportation from any Disney resort is simply your best option right now with all the strict Covid rules to avoid the TTC. The other option is book a TS restaurant if MK opens late enough and say Chef Mickeys has an earlier enough one you could still make RD and eat. Then you can Uber or Lyft to Contemporary and they’ll let you in.

We used the bus twice last summer from BWV and it went fine but with it being more crowded just make sure to get there early.

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