Getting to Star Wars Fireworks at HS from Epcot

We are spending the day at Epcot next Saturday and want to catch the Star Wars fireworks at HS that night. Would it be faster to drive (we are staying onsite) from Epcot to HS or boat from Epcot to HS? Thanks for the advice!

Not sure which is faster, but if you boat to HS for the SW fireworks, your trip back to the room afterward will be HS to Epcot int’l gate, then all the way thru Epcot to your car.

What time are the fireworks and would EP be open when they are over? I think you should drive. My question would be: should you drive to HS I the morning, walk/boat to EP and enter through IG (your car will be where you want it at the end of the night)?

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That’s a good idea!

I’d just drive. So easy.