Getting to Riviera from Epcot

We have 9:15 breakfast reservations at Topolina’s at Riviera on our Epcot day. I don’t think we have enough time to wait for rope drop, walk through and take the skyliner there so once we park at T&T what’s the best way to get there so we can ride the skyliner back to Epcot for our day and have our car already parked? I do have an alarm set to try and push it to 9:30 because I think that would be enough time to walk to skyliner.

My first thought is that you will have to Uber. Or monorail to MK from TTC and take bus to Riviera

Also, maybe just park at Riviera. You have a reservation so they should let you do that


If you go down this path, I would research it a bit, or ask for others input. They may limit parking at Riviera to 3 hours or something like that. I’m not sure if they even check that though, so you might be ok doing it anyways. I’ve just never done it so I can’t speak to it.

You could valet park at Riviera, but then your car won’t be handy a5 Epcot.

Depending on when you’re going, you could try valet parking at Boardwalk, BC, YC or Swan / Dolphin. I would try YC; with the convention parking it’s probably more likely you’d get in. Swan / Dolphin likely won’t be a problem at all, although it’s further to walk to and from the IG - but you could take the boat.

You could park at DHS and ride the Skyliner to Riviera.

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