Getting to MK for RD?

If we have reservations at Cape May at 7:30 (planning on getting there earlier to make sure we are one of the first to seat) do you think we will be able to get to MK in time for the Welcome Show? We are going on Saturday Sept 20th, which looks like a crowd level of 5.


You’d have to take a bus from the resort to MK, assuming MK opens at 9 that day I think you’d be pretty rushed. I would expect 60 minutes for the meal plus travel time and depending on how long you’d have to wait for a bus that could be pretty iffy. Plus over the summer the welcome show was regularly running 10 - 20 early. It’s possible but I would think you’d be extremely rushed through your meal in order to make it on time.

I once had a 7:30 ADR at Ohana at the Polynesian – we ate quickly, asked for check early, took the monorail over, and arrived just as the Welcome Show was ending – and that is just about as close to the MK as you could get without being at CP or CRT! Sorry, but I think there’s no way you’d make RD coming all the way from Cape May. If you’re going to pay all that money for a character breakfast, I’d take the time to enjoy it. My two cents worth. :slight_smile: