Getting to MK for 8:00a ADR when staying off-property?

Hi Liners, we booked a quick, last-minute trip to Orlando and are staying off-property per hub’s preference (his turn to pick and marriage does require compromise afterall).:smile: We have one day to spend in the parks. I was able to snag an 8:00 breakfast at CP, but as we are off-property and won’t have early/direct transportation, I’m not really sure how to get to park gates by 7:45. TTC transportation doesn’t officially begin til 8:00 so that won’t do us much good, and I’m afraid MK area resorts will turn us away if we try to get dropped off at one to walk. Does anyone have any other ideas for us?

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Seems a little iffy. I personally would try to modify your ADR to something later. Unless the TTC will actually open at 7:30 (an hour before ETPE). Not sure that makes sense, though, since on site guests are dropped off directly at the gates.

ETA: You could also park at TTC, but walk to Poly and catch the resort monorail. Still…timing would be tight…and again assumes they open the parking lot access up early enough.

It was posted over on Touring Plans WDW Chat this week that the TTC was open by 7:05 for an 8:30 AM ETPE opening.

Also if you were to be dropped by ride share at a monorail resort just show your CP reservation and you should be ok.

When you get to MK entrance they usually let all guests up MSUSA so you’ll have access to CP. If not, let a cast member at the entrance know you have an 8 AM CP reservation.

Lines Chat users are frequently posting that TTC is opening more than 30 min before ETPE.

You can check on TP’s WDW Chat tool for the current status-


Thank you both!