Getting to Epcot from BLT for RD? Monorail question

Hi all! I’m new to TP and this will be my first time back to Disney in over a decade (and first time as an adult)! My family and I will be visiting in September and I’ll likely have a lot of questions before then so thank you in advance for any advice :slight_smile:

We’ll be staying at BLT (renting DVC points), which we chose mostly for easy access to MK as my 2 year old nephew will be with us.

Like any good Disney planner, I’ve become slightly researched obsessed and was reading that the monorail is frequently down for maintenance. Are the outages widely communicated to guests staying at a monorail hotel? Or where can you find this information? Will they let you know when getting on the resort monorail if the EP monorail is down?

We plan to hit EP for rope drop EMH one morning. Does it make sense to just drive the rental car there instead?

Although it’s been a long time since we last did Disney, I can still recite the Spanish version of the monorail “stand clear of the doors” message :grin:

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Welcome! I keep an eye on this page Disney World Refurbishments, Ride Closings and Rehab Schedule to track the monorail.

If the monorail is down there are staff at the platform but I do not this you would know from another location .


Thank you!