Getting Tier I fastpass

If I only schedule 2 Fastpass at Universal Studio, after they are used in the morning, can I begin to search for Tier 1 for later?

Universal doesn’t have fast passes, but Express, which is entirely different.

Did you mean Hollywood Studios?

Other than at MK, you can only schedule one Tier 1 FP as your first three. After you have used your first three, you can then get same day Tier 1 FPs if they are available.

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To clarify, you’ll have access to three FPP in advance of your trip. If you only schedule two of them, both as Tier 2, you’ll still have another you can schedule. That one can be Tier 1 or Tier 2. After you have used the first three FPP you can schedule one additional FPP at a time from either Tier for the rest of the day.