Getting the most out of my last park day

I have a six night reservation at BRV 2BD for six people in June. Originally when I made the reservation several months ago I was thinking we’d spend the sixth day in the park and return that night however, after getting into creating my touring plans I want to take full advantage of our last park day.

I could not extend the DVC reservation because I rented points so I reserved two rooms at All Star for one night with the “Bask in the Sun & Fun” special. It appeared to be my cheapest option for staying on site and just resting for the night before leaving in the morning.

Is there anything I need to do differently with that check in? Because its a second reservation its offering me Magic Bands again, do I need them? This is my first trip so just want to be aware of anything i’m missing or any suggestions.


One of our kids lost a magic band on Day 1, so having spares wouldn’t hurt!

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I thought the basic color Magic Bands were complimentary. I was planning on getting them for our 1 night arrival day reservation and then another set for our 9 night package. I won’t do that if there is an additional charge. My DGDs like wearing them around the house.


The only ones that are not complementary are the special ones. I added a single night to our trip last year and got a second set of magic bands at no charge. I wouldn’t even know how to tell you to go about trying to cancel them if you wanted to, but I sure don’t know why you would want to.


And, I will most likely get special ones for myself for both reservations. So many choices, although the ones that I wanted were never available last year, not through MDE anyway.