Getting that 4th FPP (day-of)

So I think I understand the nuances of the pre-booked FPP’s, but I have a question about when you are booking a day-of FPP: Is there a choice of times available when booking an FPP, or do you just take whatever time is on offer? What kind of timing flexibility is there?

For example, on the day we are touring HS, I am hoping to have gotten two pre-booked FPP for RnR and ToT for 11am and noon. I’ll also get an FPP for something at 10am, but don’t expect I’ll get the family into the park in time to actually use that one. But that should mean I can try and get day-of FPP as soon as we check in to ToT. (All this from reading this forum, thanks guys!) My hope is to be able to score another FPP for either RnR or ToT for around 7pm. That would allow us to leave the park during the afternoon and return and ride before Phantasm.

From looking at the current daily availability page, it seems like I have good odds of scoring either a ToT or RnR around noon. But are the FPP most likely for immediate times, or later in the day, or are they interspersed at seemingly random intervals? How likely is it I’ll be able to score an FPP for an evening ride for a day-of FPP?

What are your touring strategies when you are making use of day-of FPP? I understand that there are no guarantees, just trying to get a sense of what is likely to work well.

Selecting the 4th one day of works similarly to picking the ones ahead of time, you can select a time to look for. If the time you want isn’t available, take what is there and then keep refreshing the MDE app to get closer to what you want. New stuff pops up all the time as other people modify their plans.

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Yes to the above, and the more people you have in your party, the harder it may be to book a FP for everyone to ride at the same time. If it shows no availability, you can try booking everyone at overlapping times and everyone just go at the same time. For instance, Mom and DD1 is booked for ToT at 10:50-11:50, Dad and DD2 is booked for ToT at 11:15-12:15. Then all of you can ride at the same time anytime between 11:15 and 11:50.