Getting Started

I’m very new to this site and app, but I love the book and decided to give the Touring Plan a try. How do I create a personalized touring plan while adding my already scheduled Fast Passes and Dining into the schedule? I’m really curious as to how the app works and how much time the plans will save us, but first I need to enter all my information. Please help :slight_smile:

It’s really easy but hard to describe so…

Hopefully this will help.


Welcome to our world @nealfeola!! Above all, we love answering questions and telling you our very loud opinions so please ask away. And yes, you do need that lightsaber, it is so worth it.

Definitely watch the YouTube video posted above. After that, my best advice is to just play with it. Make up “fake” plans for days no where near your date. It’s not terribly difficult to use - one of its bonuses. (The layout is a bit dated, but not difficult)

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