Getting Same Day FPPs at Night in MK

How easy is it, on an average CL day? Obviously the pure number of FPP’s available goes down as the day goes on, but is it possible to still hop around on FPP’s by modifying in the evening? Or is it really better to just plan for that early/mid-day? Trying to decide whether it is worth it to hop to MK for 2 hours before close after an afternoon at another park.

I just did this a couple weeks ago on a CL7 (I think?) day. I was able to get a Space Mtn and BTMRR FPP after HEA. The trick was I had to keep refreshing/going out and back into the app for a few minutes til they popped up. I think you can find plenty to do. You can always ride Barnstormer back to back. :rofl:


Oh that’s so great to know! Can you tell me what you mean by going out and back into the app? You mean totally closing it and opening it up again?

I too would like some clarification on the physical mechanics of the “refresh method”. My understanding is that (on an iPhone, maybe not Android?) you have the screen up, and you swish your finger down from the top, and it refreshes… is that right?

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Someone else may have a better method here - I found if I close out the MDE app (not the phone) or even just log out and then log in again additional FPPs will pop up. I am on an Iphone so I’m not sure how this differs on Android. I do swipe down to refresh as well which will sometimes work to kick through more FPPs but not always.


This is my understanding–just swiping down. But now I’ll add closing/opening MDE to my tactics!

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I’m a Samsung Android user. I just swipe down to refresh the FPP. No need to close anything. I can also change my preferred ride times too and that will refresh it.

In my experience after 3pm, you can still get extra FPP but they aren’t often for E-ticket rides unless you are only looking for 1 or 2 people. However, I use this as a way to wipe out all of Storybook Circus or FL with back-to-back-to-back extra FPP. A lot of ppl just don’t know they can get a fourth or more FPP or they schedule their 3rd for something at 7:30pm and are “locked in” all day.