Getting round the overlapping reservation block

I’m trying to book the HEA after party which technically starts at 8.15pm, but it really doesn’t. I have a Skipper ADR at 7.30pm, so the website is not letting me book the party as it “overlaps” the ADR.

I know there is some way round this, but I can’t remember how to do it.

Can anyone advise?

Does a dummy account with a slightly different name for the ADR work?

You can cancel the ADR and book the dessert party. Then set up the TP Res Finder for the ADR. When you get the notification, and click the link, you are able to book it even if having something overlapping. At least, that has worked for me when trying to get two different ADRs close together when not sure of my exact schedule yet. However, it could become a risk to get rid of the ADR you have and hope that the res finder will find one.

Besides a second MDE account, I was able to book overlapping ADRs through the link sent from reservation finder. Not sure how that worked, but it did multiple times.

Reserve on a computer, not mobile. When you get to the page that has the available times, RIGHT-CLICK on the time you want and open in a new tab. This somehow bypasses the check for overlapping reservation times. It has worked wonders, I’ve done lots of overlaps and double-reservations since learning this trick!

ETA: I think the reason it works from res finder is because it similarly takes you to a window where you are “past” the overlapping time check.


Thanks everyone. The simplest option was that suggested by @scrappydeb and it worked perfectly.