Getting Ready to Make Reservations Questions

  1. We are going to book our spring break trip within a month or so after 2019 packages are released but then look for deals closer to the dates. We know which week we want to go, but not which day flights will be cheapest or if we end up driving, whether we can leave on Thursday or have to wait until Friday. We want to stay 8 nights regardless of arrival date. We won’t know this for a few months. So, is it easier to modify a reservation by removing a night off the front or the end of the trip or would I have to rebook if need to alter dates? Meaning, should I book Friday-Monday (10 nights) and then modify to the correct 8 nights when we have our final schedule? Is this possible or would I lose any pricing advantages? Or do I need to book different reservations of the two options and cancel one when we know?

  2. We are going to get two rooms. One will be a package with tickets and dining plan and the other will be room only (as it is 1 adult and 1 teen, and adult has AP). Do I need to make two separate reservations? Can one MDE account have two reservations? Can I link them in my MDE account? Can you apply two different promotions to two different reservations made by same person (e.g., package deal for one room, AP discount or other room only discount if any during spring break for the other room)? And should I be able to do this online?



  1. It’s technically a rebook whenever it’s modified but should not be an issue. I’d book the 10 nights and then modify down as appropriate.

  2. Yes, two separate reservations. I don’t think you can have two reservations for the same exact dates in your MDE; I think one would need to be booked under a different adult who would be staying in that room It would not preclude you from making the payments. I think the AP would only apply to whomever is booked into that room who has one; and if no AP holders are booked into a room, then no AP discount would apply.

Thanks for always answering my questions! even if they aren’t very exciting planning questions.

For question 2, how do I then link the reservations to ask for connecting/adjoining/nearby rooms, make FPP reservations, and have MM share? We’ve only ever had the one MDE account for our trips. DH just shows up and goes with the plan.

To link the reservations, call guest services with both reservation numbers and ask for a “Travel With” number. This will link the hotel reservations and indicate to the room assigner to place you near to one another. For FPP and MM sharing you just need to be friends in MDE and they have to allow you to make plans for them.

And you’re welcome :wink:


I had problems with our dates because of snow days and extended school year. So I added several days to the end of trip in case the year was extended longer then we thought. I went from 6 nights to 12 nights, when we finally found out when the date was I canceled my ADRs but I held the hotel. I made my Fast Passes and waited until all my fast passes were less then 60 days out to cancel the unneeded hotel days.